Dancer Health Network
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Dancers, you asked and we listened! We have recruited a dancer dedicated health team who practice physical therapy, chiropractic, acupuncture, massage, nutritional counseling, and even body image counseling. Your body is your instrument and we want to assure you have access to the experts that can help you get it in tip top shape and continue to keep injury at bay. Each practitioner in the network was specifically chosen because they already have a connection to dance and know how to work with your body and your goals. They have each gone through an application process and agreed to the following code.
The Dancer Health Network is a network of providers who seek to learn from each other and to serve and educate dancers in the community.  The ultimate goal is promote overall dancer health and assure dancers have access to a wide range of opportunities to seek care from qualified dance medicine providers in the Portland area.

Dance Wire Network Providers Code:

For Providers:

If you are a provider and are interested in becoming a part of the network, please fill out and submit the Dancer Health Network Provider Application form and Kerry Pulliam the health network chair will respond to your inquiry. Thank you for your interest in keeping the dance community healthy!

For Dancers:

-Take a quick survey telling us what you are most interested in and we will do our best to make it happen! Dance Medicine Interest Survey-
-Become a member to see the directory of dance providers.

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