Dance Wire is a service organization dedicated to keeping the Greater Portland dance community prosperous, inspired, and visible.

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While working amongst a variety of dance organizations in Portland, Founder/Director Emily Running realized that many were facing common challenges within the dance community such as reaching new audiences, finding teachers or simply surviving as small organizations. She noticed that lack of time, money and resources meant each organization had limited opportunity to reach out. As a dancer herself, she also noted that individuals were experiencing common struggles such as finding places to train, finding work to support themselves, and staying healthy while being notoriously underinsured. Despite the presence of flourishing artists in a city rapidly gaining a national reputation for creativity and innovation, there was a lack of a vital online and in-person resource that could address some of these issues.

Before the website even launched, 25 dance organizations signed up for membership and paid their dues, demonstrating a clear need for a dance service organization in the community.