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Resources to increase your PROSPERITY as a dance artist or organization

While some things may require you to sign in to access them, they are no longer paid features.

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Subscribe to our Dance Community Network newsletter. Our network of members currently includes 140 dance artists and organizations in Portland. Dance Wire connects our network with people, resources and opportunities within the dance community and beyond. You will get a monthly email letting you know about funding opportunities, professional development, calls for artists, dicounts, the Citywide Dance Audition, Dance Wire events and more. Sign up today, then keep an eye on your inbox and if you don't receive an email from us at the beginning of the month, check your junk folder and get us out of there!

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1:1 Sessions

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Dance Wire is proud to offer 100% personalized 1:1 sessions to support artists and organizations at all stages of development. In these sessions, we will offer resources, guidance, and accountability to help you achieve your goals.
  • Does keeping up with social media feel chaotic? We'll help you set up a content calendar.
  • Do you wish your board and staff were better at fundraising? We'll help you create individual cultivation plans so everyone contributes to the financial success of your organization
  • Or maybe you don't even know where to start but things are starting to open back up and you know you're ready for that next step in your career as an artist. We can help you set realistic goals and help you stay accountable.
We are here to help! Book a free 30-minute call to chat about your goals and we will work together to customize a plan that will help you get there! You do not have to do it alone. We love to see our community succeed.
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Financial Consulting

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We have partnered with a financial analyst to develop dynamic tools for an organization to easily monitor their current financial reality. When real-time numbers are entered, charts indicate short-term financial status with Green, Yellow, and Red signals to indicate when the organization is in the danger zone.


Health Network Directory of Providers

Hive five - or maybe even a high kick! Check out our Health Network Directory where you will find providers who get you. Most of these providers are, or have been dancers themselves. They understand that keeping your body healthy and strong is important to your sanity and probably your livelihood. So go ahead, schedule a visit without fear that they'll give you a sideways look and say "you want to do what with your body? Why don't you take 3 months off and see if the symptoms go away." Not here! Our motto is Stay healthy. Stay dancing.

Citywide Dance Audition Portland

Citywide Dance Audition

Cancelled for 2020

Every year Dance Wire hosts the Citywide Dance Audition. Dancers learn choreography in various styles of dance then present to auditors seeking new talent or just seeing who is out there. Auditors can be independent choreographers, company directors, casting directors, talent scouts, basically anyone who may need to hire dancers. While it was scheduled to occur in May 2020, we have put it on hold until further notice.


Job Board


Phew! No more long hours at the computer searching for jobs! We post as many opportunities as we can find like - dance teaching jobs, paid gigs, admin work for dance nonprofits, studio managers, whatever we can find. Check them out here. We hope that you'll spend all your new spare time in dance class!

Resources to improve your VISIBILITY to new and existing dance audiences.

While some things may require you to sign in to access them, they are no longer paid features.


Add Events to the Dance Calendar

Join our Dance Community Network to add events to our calendar all year long. Now, no payment required. You will also be considered for our mini calendar of what's coming up that is shared on our newsletter, social media as well as sent to Community Partners like Travel Portland. Congratulations in advance on your new audience!


List in Studio Directory

For dance companies, studios or independent dance teachers teaching ongoing classes. Create your studio/class listing so the 16,000 annual visitors to our website know about you. List your studio/classes on the Find a Studio directory and just sign in again to update it at any time.

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Get Featured

Currently on Hold

Woohoo! Join our Dance Community Network and you will automatically be eligible to be featured. We love showing off our members by highlighting the awesome things they do. We do about one feature a month, please click and fill out this quick form to get added to the list.


Press List, Templates, and Guides

Score! Take a moment to imagine all the time you'll save on press releases with Dance Wire's handy Press Kit. Let's face it, we are not all marketing experts because there's a lot to keep up with. Check out this comprehensive guide, the take a deep breath and get back to what's most important about your job - dance!

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