BeMoved® with Laura Haney

BeMoved® with Laura Haney

Be moved! Be inspired! Be joyful! Be fulfilled!… all this in one hour you ask? You bet! This can be yours to enjoy when you take Laura Haney’s class at BodyVox.

BodyVox is located at 1201 NW 17th, Portland OR 97209. It is a professional, all-level, inclusive studio with the highest caliber of trained caring instructors each experts in various disciplines.

Upon arrival, there is an efficient check-in at the front desk. There are dressing rooms available and plenty of space to bring your things into the studio. Most street parking is free but pay attention to the time restrictions!

Laura radiates with a fresh and inclusive approach to dance as she dovetails natural movement and the fun of theatrics with weekly rotating themes such as Bollywood, Jazz, Latin Rhythms, Disco, Broadway Fosse…to name a few. Each week is a surprise, though an added bonus of being a regular is sometimes being let in on the secret early!

Laura begins her class with easy to follow luxurious long-line stretches set to rich inspiring music (and no floor work…yea!)

Next she creates the style of the steps to match the themes in seamless choreography with plenty of repetition so all levels of students can be successful. Laura has an excellent musical ear for choosing the perfect music to move by, in tandem with the theme of the day. To complete the hour, the class finishes full circle with a cooldown of scrumptious, easy familiar stretches.

She has a large following of friendly, multi-level, non-competitive, students so there is never a chance to feel “on the spot” or left behind for a newcomer.

Workout or comfortable clothes are best. Bare feet, jazz shoes or clean indoor sneakers that have not been worn outside will work fine. Of course if you are like me, you might want to coordinate your outfit with the theme of the day…but not required and only if you know what’s coming next. ?

Now let me see where I put my top hat and tails for next time…

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