Emily Running

Headshot of blonde woman with an asymmetrical haircut wearing black sleeveless top

Emily Running (Founder)

Artistic + Vision Director
Strategic Partnerships Lead

In addition to being the Founder and Executive Director of Dance Wire, Emily is also a freelance performer, choreographer, teacher and occasional nonprofit consultant.

She has been dancing since age five, started dancing professionally in 1998, and received a BFA in Choreography and Performance in Dance from the University of Montana in Missoula in 2003. She danced for 7 years with Freshe Tracks Dance Company in Missoula, then moved to Los Angeles where she worked with Diavolo, Method, and Vox dance companies as well as freelancing. After a year stopover in Paris where she explored life as an artist, Emily decided to set up her roots in Portland. She was an aerialist for 7 years performing with AWOL Dance Collective and teaching for AWOL, Polaris, & Circus Project. She has served as Development Specialist for White Bird and Interim Director for Conduit.

Adding a twist to her story, on Halloween of 2011 Emily’s pelvis was intentionally broken and restructured by a highly qualified team of surgeons to correct hip dysplasia, a structural imbalance she had from birth. The circumstance, which challenged the role dance played in her life, eventually lead to her founding of Dance Wire. It also inspired her book Anatomy Riot which was published in 2013.

Dance has been analogous to Emily‚Äôs identity for as long as she can remember. Her vision for Dance Wire is driven by her experiences, observations, frustrations, love, and dedication to dance. More on her personal projects at www.movementinspired.com

Equity and Inclusion Formal Trainings/Groups:
-White Arts Leaders Confronting Racism Cohort 1 (ongoing peer-learning group)
-Racism in Dance workshop with Karida Griffith 2020
-Center for Equity and Inclusion Training Reframing Racism – 2017

Top 3 Influential Resources:
1) Createquity Podcast

2) How to be an Anti-Racist

3) Seeing White Podcast

Current Action Item:
Reading: Decolonizing Wealth: Indigenous Wisdom to Heal Divides and Restore Balance by Edgar Villanueva