Dance Wire Ambassadors are both dancers and leaders. Their role is to help keep us connected to the wide array of dance activity happening in Portland. We rely on our Ambassadors to set the standard for dance in the area, to bring their connections, insights, and unique stories to the table.

We are seeking to compile a cohort that represents diversity in every sense of the word - demographics, dance style expertise, emerging artists, established figures, performers, choreographers, directors, educators. We are specifically looking for people who share our passion and motivation to advance the prosperity and visibility of dance in Portland.

Ambassadors will:

  • Have their bio and picture on our website for the year (May 2021 - May 2022)
  • Be interviewed for our Artist Stories series
  • Perform in our annual Dance Wire Presents Ambassador show
  • Be featured in our annual community fundraising video
  • Be featured in the Day in the Life of a Dancer section of our Dance CURIOUS Newsletter
  • Be included in photoshoot collaboration with Shabu Studios
  • Receive a free 1:1 Session per quarter with Emily, Sarita, or Jessie

As part of Dance Wire's inner circle, Ambassadors are expected to:

  • Attend a mandatory orientation meeting in May
  • Attend Dance Wire events as Ambassadors
  • Display Dance Wire promo material at your events
  • Share Dance Wire events to your social media pages
  • Send out an email encouraging your followers to subscribe to Dance Wire's email list
  • Make monthly announcements in classes you teach or rehearsals about being an Ambassador and how to get involved in Dance Wire

Are you ready to collaborate, inspire, and uplift?

2019 Ambassadors

Aphyna Zoe

Bevin Victoria

Barbara Lima

Kenya Marquez

Beth Whelan

Kelsey Leonard

Laura Blake

Brandy Guthery

Sitara Lones

Rebekah Wolfson Kilayko

Laura Onizuka - Committee Chair

2018 Ambassadors

Maria Tucker

Kathryn Harden

Angela Bryant

Zachary Carroll

Adrianna Audoma

Victoria Rose White

Alexander Dones

Jesus Rodales

Laura Onizuka - Committee Chair

2017 Ambassadors

Jack "Sir Cupcake" Stocklynn

Linda Austin

Elise Morris

Anne Mueller

Mizu Desierto

Yulia Arakelyan

Laura Onizuka

Rebecca Morse

Hannah Luckow

Tia Palomino - Committee Chair

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