Citywide Dance Audition


After weighing considerations of individual health, the health of our community, and the financial wellbeing of our participants we have determined that postponing the Citywide Dance Audition until the fall is in the best interest of Dance Wire and all the dancers who attend. Please be safe, smart and considerate in the coming months!

Postponed until Fall 2020

For Dancers:

The Citywide Audition is an annual opportunity to show your talents and be discovered. The event is structured as an afternoon of hour-long classes where you learn a bit of technique as well as choreography to present at the evening audition. At the audition you present choreography from the day in small groups for the auditors. Auditors range from independent choreographers to dance/theatre company directors to commercial talent scouts. Though not all are actively casting at the time of the audition, auditors keep your resume and headshot on file for callbacks or opportunities throughout the year.

For Company/Auditors:

For anyone casting dancers. This is the one time of year where all of the top dance talent in Portland comes together in one event. Dancers take classes throughout the day where they learn choreography to present at the audition. Since company/auditors each come looking for different things, we always include a range of dance styles. The goal with our class selection is to show you the dancer's technique, versatility and personality. You are encouraged to do callbacks on your own for specific castings or to see dancers move in your own style. Auditing is FREE for COMPANY members and $25 for nonmembers. Sign up for membership now or login.

Read 2019 Instructor Bios

Randy Davis

2:15 | Musical Theatre| with Randy Davis

This class begin with a modern/ballet warm up. The culminating choreography will have a Broadway/jazz style. Technical ability in ballet, jazz and modern are helpful but not a must. Class will have elements of Fosse, Jerome Robbins, Gillian Lynne. Character shoes encouraged but not required.

Adrianna Audoma and Lauren Smith

2:15 | Weight Bearing and Sharing | with Adrianna Audoma and Lauren Smith

This class will consist of a yoga-based warm up that incorporates floorwork and somatic practices, then move into traveling phrases that includes the utilization of momentum and efficient movement. Class will then progress to include weight sharing and bearing. Dancers will be guided through safe partnering practices and simple lifts varying skill levels can execute by connecting centers of gravity and utilizing momentum. The last 20 minutes of class will consist of learning phrase work that incorporates technique, movement language, & partnering skills reviewed in class. Phrase work encourages dancers to demonstrate their technical ability, as well as showcase their artistic expression.

3:30 | Modern | with Beth Whelan

A more traditional modern class, with influences from Limon, Taylor and Horton. We will start on the floor with Bartenieff Fundamental floor exercises, work through standing center exercises, swings and undercurves, then will transition to across the floor with more grounded and fluid movement. We will end with a final combination that incorporates techniques built on in class. The combination will emphasize breath, transitions from floor to standing movements, and fluid athleticism.

beth whelan

3:30 | Contemporary | with Lex Dones

This class will incorporate the exploration of various movement languages & modalities with a focus on individual interpretation and expression of specified phrase work and ideas. We will begin with a brief series of lead & follow improvisational games to awaken the body and our mental connections with ourselves & each other. The choreography section of the class will focus on musicality, contrast & texture, and how to use our own selves as a template for character exploration.

Alexander Dones
Jessica Zoller

4:45 | Structured Improv | with Jessica Zoller

Calling all dancers who are interested in exploring actions and pathways their bodies can create with improvisation. Dancers will investigate movement through play, risk, disorientation, manipulation, and storytelling. Class will begin with a series of warm ups to get the creative brain and body aligned and then move on to a phrase that will be re-interepreted through the dancer's own improvisational score. All levels and abilities are welcome in this class.

Barbara Lima 1

4:45 | Hip Hop/Urban Dance | with Barbara "Babi" Lima

This class will include a warm-up that works with technique needed for the combination to be presented at the audition. The combo is focused on cultivating the dancer's ability to change intentions, rhythm and musicality at a medium to fast pace. The technique and tools from the beginning of the class will allow the dancers to make quick and versatile decisions every time they repeat the combo, embodying a more visceral way to move.

Confirmed Auditors 2019

Barbara Lima | ELa FaLa

Victoria Perez |

Victoria Perez is currently looking for 2-4 dancers with a strong jazz-contemporary background to join her for an upcoming project. She was recently accepted into the 2019 Young Choreographers Festival in New York from June 5th-8th ( travel dates included), and is looking for artists who would be interested in traveling for this performance.

Stephanie Woody | Colleen Bell Agency

We are a full service modeling, acting and talent agency. We represent talent from ages 0-100+.

Courtney Buckley | CG Entertainment

We book dancers for single stand-alone gigs in their genre and we also have an internal dance crew that meets weekly and performs for various private, corporate, and public gigs. All gigs are paid between $25-$200 per hour, all rehearsals are unpaid. We are highly interested in adding Cultural Dance performers to our roster.

Samuel Hobbs | push/FOLD

push/FOLD is seeking dancer-athletes. Movers with a strong line adept in non-traditional partnering, contemporary movement, and athletic ground-work are the backbone of push/FOLD. Individuals stand out who demonstrate spacial awareness, confidence, power and subtlety.

Jingzi Photography |

I'm a dance photographer and am looking for talents to work with on creative shoots and projects.

Trevor Wilde |

Trevor Wilde is an independent choreographer in Portland, OR. His work has been presented by Snow College, Kinuko Modern Dance Company, the Modern American Dance Company in St. Louis, MO, and is currently a guest artist at Pacific University. He has also presented two independent evening-length works in Portland, OR. Wilde is currently seeking 4 dancers with strong contemporary technique, improvisational finesse, and theatricality for his upcoming evening-length work.

Allison Jacks | Bone Velvet Arts Formation

Bone Velvet is a non profit organization based in Portland, OR., co-founded by Allison Jacks and Claire Christensen. Their focus is to support the current and evolving arts + business (work) culture in our community through producing events + curating performances. As dancers ourselves we are passionate in our mission to create platforms for performing artists. We have worked with collaborative efforts to create installation driven work involving several different mediums. Allison has a paid project under works for late summer 2019. Claire will be assisting as rehearsal director.

Jamey Hampton | BodyVox

BodyVox is seeking dancers to join the company for its 22nd season. BodyVox offers an 8 to 10-month contract (September-July). We are seeking professional dancers who are theatrical, athletic, and have a strong contemporary ballet base. Good improvisational skills and a commitment to performance are important. Any acrobatic training or ability is a welcome plus. Compensation includes a highly competitive salary, health benefits, and exciting work in a world renowned dance company. BodyVox's 2019/20 season includes national and international touring engagements as well as an extensive home season. A current listing of upcoming engagements can be found online.

Ella Matweyou | The Aspire Project

We are currently seeking teachers, assistant teachers, and substitutes for our studio in St. Johns and for outreach programs in the North Portland community. In our studio program, we offer ballet, contemporary, jazz, tap, hip hop, yoga, and Pilates. Instructors are paid an hourly rate as employees. We are also seeking modern/contemporary dancers for a short term project culminating in a benefit performance on September 14th--dancers will be paid a small performance stipend for this project.

Lauren Smith | Tongue Dance Project

Seeking new talent.

Matt Knispel | OPTION Model and Media

Seeking new talent.

Vincenzo Meduri | Entlightened Theatrics

Currently casting for a paid project.


Briley Neugebauer | PDX Contemporary Ballet

Currently casting for an unpaid project.


Erin Boyt | Version Excursion

I'm interested in re-establishing my company, Version Excursion, in the next few months. Projects include live performances and film. I'm looking for dancers who are comfortable with improvisation and open to a collaborative process.

Robert Guitron | Polaris Dance Theatre

Polaris Dance Theatre is looking for artists for its upcoming season, July 2019 through May 2020. Looking for dancers with a diverse, and strong technical background in a multitude of disciplines in contemporary, modern, ballet and other movement forms as well as strong partnering and improvisational experience and skills. Company rehearses five days a week with a minimum of four performances each season. We are also looking for instructors and administrative staff for our upcoming programming.

Noel Plemmons | POV Dance

Mandy Cregan

Rachael Lembo

POV Dance is considering an upcoming project and is looking for athletic, technically trained dancers who are comfortable on both their hands and feet, and working in non-traditional settings.

Katie Maddox | ELXR Dance Company

Grace Wu

Nataliya Crouse

ELXR (pronounced like elixir) is a theatrical dance company specializing in contemporary, jazz, and hip hop based in Portland, Oregon. We aim to cure all ailments…

After being involved in different dance companies and troupes over the years, the founding members of ELXR wanted to push themselves to create and to be a part of something bigger.

At ELXR Dance Company we strive to continually EVOLVE. To push ourselves outside of our comfort zones, to think outside the box, and to constantly LEARN. To search for the unfamiliar, to develop our minds and bodies, to EXTEND. To be flexible, to stretch ourselves, to REFINE. To perfect our skill, to be the remedy, to be the ELXR.

Our dance season is from the middle of October through the middle of June. We perform throughout Oregon and Washington during our season and end our season with our annual show in June.

Caitlin Warren | NW Dance Project

Actively seeking instructors.

Kristina York | Vitality Dance Collective

We are looking for dancers to join us for our 2019-2020 season.

Amy Leona Havin | The Holding Project

Seeking dancers with experience in Improvisation and/or Gaga Movement Language.

Kate Rafter | AUTOMAL

Always seeking new dancers for various projects throughout the year.


Emily Running | Movement Inspired

I am not actively casting, but projects regularly pop up so I enjoy having a list of dancers to reach out to as needed. I seek dancers that are reliable, professional, technically skilled in the styles they practice yet comfortable with improvisation and collaboration.

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